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Is this a rent to buy a home?
No this is not a rent to buy home. We enable all clients to own their own home with their own bank loan should they qualify
I already have a broker
Whilst we refer to qualified mortgage brokers, we don’t specifically deal with the finance and are independent to that. We specialise in designing house and land packages that suit your needs and budget.
What do First Home Buyer Club do?
We specialise in empowering more first home buyers to enter the property market. We coach you to purchase your own home no matter what stage you’re at.
I or my partner has purchased a home in another country
As long as you or your partner haven’t purchased a home in Australia, you will both be eligible for the Great Start Grant.
I or my partner has purchased a home in another countryWill it make a difference if my parents or partners own a home in Australia?
Yes it does! You may be eligible for a NO DEPOSIT option and avoid mortgage insurance, which is generally around 10-12k based on a $400,000 purchase.
I or my partner has purchased a home in another countryWill it make a difference if my parents or partners own a home in Australia?Does it have to be a new home?
Yes, to be eligible for the great start grant you will need to purchase new, as the government only offers on this currently.
New homes are always more expensive
New homes generally do have a higher premium on them and with that comes extended warranties, a brand new home and higher deductibles, should you choose to turn this into an investment property at some point. You also have the advantage of customising the house just how you like.
Can we make changes to the design/have input with it?
Of course you can. We pride ourselves on the fact that we customise each house and land package to your needs and budget. From moving a wall, to adding upgraded inclusions, the only thing that will stop you is your imagination and budget.
Which lenders do you use?
We will use the lender that is best suited to your needs. Still to this date we have not used second tier lenders, so you have the peace of mind knowing that you can purchase a home and get a very competitive rate.
Is it true that it is cheaper to own than rent?
When comparing similar homes we are finding that, with current interest rates, it’s actually cheaper to own than rent. On the same type of house, the interest only repayments are always less than what the standard rent tends to be, and the principle repayment is the same as putting money into a savings account because you don’t lose it.
I don’t know if I like the area
Well at the end of the day you need to make sure you are happy with your decision.
I need to make sure I love this home as it will be my last
It won’t be, and I know that sounds like a huge shock to you right now. The point is, if we looked back since we first turned 18 to how many jobs, partners, cars etc that we have had, you will understand why this isn’t going to be your forever home.

What I tell clients is you just need to be able to see yourself living in it for 2 years, and then we can look at upgrading you to the next home.

We as humans are creatures of habit. I guarantee at the next house you will have your own cafes and favourite restaurants that will be close by and you will no doubt forget all about the old ones.
How long will I have to be in this home?
That will really depend on you and how quick you want to move into your next home. We tell people with a good plan you can look at upgrading in anywhere from 2 to 5 years. Potentially earlier if you knuckle right down.
I have seen a style of home from another builder
We can help with this. Whilst we can’t steal the design that you have seen elsewhere, we can create a home very similar to the point you won’t know the difference.

 The best part is we can customise it to exactly how you want it, so it’s just a case of putting your imagination on to the paper.
Can you negotiate the price of the land for us/me?
Of course we can. We will do some research on RP Data and speak to the agent. If there is any room to move with the negotiation of the land, we will secure it for you.
What does fixed price mean?
Fixed price contracts refer to contracts where you don’t pay above that price. We only focus on fixed price contracts with all our clients, to ensure you aren’t getting hit with big fees part way through your build. You have the security of knowing that the price on the contract, Is the price on the contract!
How long will it take to build a home?
You are looking at approximately 14 – 16 weeks for your home to be built. However, don’t expect to have the keys in that period.

 What a lot of other companies neglect to tell you is that from the day you go to contract, to the day you get the keys to your home is generally around 6 months.
Do you charge a fee?
As I work closely with my recommended builders, I am able to secure 2 things, A discounted rate for you and my fee for service.

 As they would require, hiring an employee to do the jobs I fulfil, it is just saving them and you money.

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