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Our Goal

“My job’s simple, I want to help those with little to no savings own their own home. My biggest strength is that I’ll go out of my way to customise every house and land package to your needs and budget and provide you with insights you need to become a homeowner”

Clayton Tierney, Director

Our Mission

We provide what’s missing to a lot of future home owners – proper education and coaching on how to own your own home. We believe in debunking the myth that you need the 20% deposit, and will provide you with the necessary guidance throughout the exciting journey of owning without much savings

What Makes Us Different?

We customise every house and land package to your needs and budget and just like a coach if your budget doesn’t align with your dreams, we let you know because we want to make sure you pay off your home and not struggle through it.

Firstly, We are property coaches and not salespeople. What does this mean? Our tailored service is created to ensure that you are supported through every step of the home buying process.

From start to finish we are ensure you are getting looked after and when required, we roll up and sleeves and get involved.

The process, on average, takes at least 6 to 7 months from when we first meet through to when you receive the keys to your new home.

From locating the best block possible, to negotiating big discounts on your behalf through to making sure the house is perfect on completion we are there at every step.

Creating wealth through property with little to no saving

When it comes to purchasing your own home there are a lot of myths and rumours surround it that simply aren’t true… Or more to the point, are outdated and no longer in line with society.

Gone are the days where you could simply save hard and after a few years have a 20% deposit to satisfy the banks lending criteria’s.

With a society that is dependant on credit and the cost of living always increasing the 20% deposit idea is becoming harder and harder to achieve.

Knowing that most tenants pay more rent than what the landlord pays in interest repayments this brings to the point, why can’t you own, too?

9/10 Australians aren’t in a position to retire comfortably

Have you ever looked at an old couple sitting at a coffee shop and thought to yourself, ‘how cute, they are sharing a coffee and a piece of cake?’

Would you still think it’s cute if you found out they secretly wanted their own but couldn’t afford it?

This is reality for most Australians and something that could be yours, too. Too many Australians are leaving it too late in life to plan for their retirement and as a result are required to look at the government for assistance to get them through the final years of their live.

What if there was another way? At the First Home Buyer Club, we have identified early on that owning your own house isn’t a home to create memories and is a place where you create wealth and secure your retirement.

If you were to do nothing but the bare minimum of what is required in paying off a home, you would own it outright in 30 years and history tells us that your home should at least double in value during this period.

Knowing this point alone could put you into the top 10% of Australians that live a retirement on their terms and not someone else’s.

Here is how we do it


1. Understand your needs and desires

During our initial consultation, we’ll ask the right questions to help us understand your budget and the specific factors your need to make a house your home. We’ll discuss where you’d like to live, what type of dwelling you desire, how much you can borrow, your financial and lifestyle goals, and what we can do to improve your current situation.

2. Education and Guidance

We’re not here to force you into a home- we’re here to ensure you make the best financial and lifestyle decision for your current situation. If we asses that you’re not yet ready for home ownership, then we’ll develop a comprehensive strategy to ensure it doesn’t remain a dream forever. But if we assess that you’re ready, then we’ll discuss the options available o you share our own experiences, and encourage you to make the right choice for you and your family.

3.Search and Design

With the assistance of developers, agents and other professionals within our property network, we’re able to locate and negotiate land deals on your behalf- land that may not even be advertised publicly. Once we’ve shortlisted suitable options, we gather further documentation and information on these blocks, assess recent sales in the area, and place strategic offers to maximise your discount on the asking price.

4. Secure the most competitive home loan

While financing may sound straightforward the wrong approach can destroy your dream of home ownership. We only contact the right lenders, with carefully completed paperwork, to minimise delays and maximise your chance of finance approval. We help you secure the most competitive mortgage product to ensure you don’t end up paying too much over the term of your loan

5. Build your dream home

We’re now on the home stretch, and this is where the fun begins. During this phase you’ll select design, style, colours, and anything else to personalize your new home. We oversee the build, inspect the block, and ensure all deadlines are met. Our independent advice gives you the confidence to deal with builder on equal terms and to kno that everything is running to plan.

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