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Hi Everyone, 

You may have seen on our Facebook page how Jackie moved into her own home?

It’s a Christmas present that is well overdue!

Jackie told me if it weren’t for me, she would never have done it!

That wasn’t the bit I liked the most though, what I enjoyed the most was when she said the block of land we secured for her was $60,000 cheaper and only a 6 mins drive from her original block.

We also created a strategy to paying off her home faster. This is particularly important since the interest repayments can add up if spread over a longer period of time to repay them.

With the help of our mortgage brokers in refinancing her loan, Jackie will save over $27,500 in interest repayments. We love what we do and working with First Home Buyer Club is saving Jackie $87,500!

We don’t just get you into your homes, we want to help you create wealth through your property!